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Code Editor

To edit the code generated by Optikon, select the pencil icon in the ‘Live LÖVE Lua Code’ section as seen below.

This will launch the Optikon code editor. The built-in Lua code editor will enable you to do all your level design and coding in one place. The code editor comes with automatic Lua syntax highlighting to help boost your productivity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not delete any comments generated by Optikon as this may result in unstable performance. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: only delete components via the Visual Level Designer (VLD). Do not do delete components via the Code Editor.

You can edit the code as you like. Note that components added programmatically will not appear in the Visual Level Designer (VLD).

Click the ‘Save’ button on the toolbar to save your amendments to the code.

Click the ‘Export…’ button on the toolbar to export the code to a lua file.

You can insert new functions quickly by selecting the ‘Insert Function’ button on the toolbar.

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