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Getting Started & Layout Overview

Focus more on building beautiful levels, and less on coding.

Optikon is a free drag-and-drop level designer, which makes stunning 2D level design in LÖVE possible for everybody. Our long term aim is to make Optikon an essential tool for all LÖVE game developers.

Optikon does not use XML, and any levels you build can be played at the click of a button – literally. There are no extra steps or complications involved.

Optikon achieves this by generating Lua code on the fly as you create your level, so anything you make in Optikon will work with LÖVE out-of-the-box.

Optikon is a work in progress. Stick with us as we continue to add new and exciting features.

Consider donating to us so that we can keep supporting Optikon in the future.

To get started, download Optikon here and run the installation file. Optikon supports 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7 , 8 and 10 machines only. We are bringing support to MacOS and Linux, but you can run Optikon on both operating systems using Wine.

Optikon uses Love 11.3. You can swap LOVE 11.3 out by simply copy + pasting your desired version of LOVE to the Optikon install directory. 
Note: we did not create LÖVE and we are not in any way involved in the development of LÖVE. Optikon is a complimentary tool, to help developers design levels for games built with the LÖVE framework.

Layout Overview

Once you have launched Optikon, you will see the following:

The center of the screen (the black box in the screenshot above) is the ‘Visual Level Designer’ (VLD). The VLD is where you will design your game level by adding ‘components’ such as images and text. All components added here will appear in your game exactly as it appears in the VLD. You can drag and drop components in the VLD for precise placement of components.

The ‘Toolbox’ section, which can be seen on the very left hand side of the screenshot above, offers a basic set of tools that will help you build your level.

The ‘Game Window Settings’ section just beneath, consists of features which allow you to change the settings of the game window.

The ‘Live LÖVE Lua code’ section to the right of the VLD gives you a real-time snapshot of the Lua code that is being generated by Optikon as you build your level. You can edit this code in the Optikon code editor, so that you can do all your level design and coding in one place. The code editor comes with automatic Lua syntax highlighting to help boost your productivity.

The toolbar on the top provides other functionality such as:

  1. Save Project
  2. Load Project;
  3. Export Project;
  4. Software Update facility;
  5. Insert alignment rulers;
  6. Code Editor; and
  7. Run (to run you game/level).

…among other things.

This documentation is a deep dive into the functionality of Optikon. Please read on for further information.

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