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Adding a Text Component

To add a text component to your level, select the ‘Add Text’ button in the Toolbox. A form similar to the one seen below will appear.

Insert a name for your text component in the ‘Component Name’ field. The component name should be unique.

NOTE: A 'component' refers to any object in your level such as an image or text.

Then, set the text component’s position according to X and Y coordinates. If you wish, you can drag the text component to any position in the Visual Level Designer (VLD) after you have inserted the text component into the level.

Select the text font file from your PC local storage. Supported formats include TTF and OTF.

Then, select the font size.

Insert the text string in the ‘String’ field.

Finally, select the desired color of the text in the ‘Color (R,G,B)’ field. You can use Optikon’s color palette feature to select a color, or you can insert RGB codes manually.

Please note that as of LÖVE 11.0 onwards, color component values must be within the range of 0 to 1.

Select ‘OK’ and your text component will be added to the VLD as seen in the screenshot below (on the top right hand corner of the screenshot).

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